Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melbourne Cup 2012

The media calls it the "Race that stops a Nation". I knew it was popular but really had no idea what to expect things to be like in the city. Last year I was off of work and watched the race from Hogs Breath Cafe with David and his parents. We saw a few people dressed up but nothing like I saw in the CBD today! 

At the start of my day I was greeted at the elevator by my co-workers who were headed to the TAB (bookie) to place their bets on the big race. Then it was back to the office for a little bit of work before we had a catered lunch and afternoon drinks. The race was broadcast in all the conference rooms so everyone that was not attending an off-site party at a local pub could watch.  

My team was rather subdue compared to most of the people in the CBD. There were large parties in the nearby restaurants with lunch and drink specials. Everywhere you looked you saw people dressed in stylish outfits complete with fancy hats or facanitors!

Two of the girls on my team, Leanne and Brie, off to party with a supplier.

Now that I know what to expect and just need to plan ahead for next year!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finished product

David did an amazing job with the deck. Now we have a LOT more space for entertanining. I can't wait to have a BBQ and enjoy the fruit of HIS hard work! I am very blessed to have such a great husband.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photos with David's family

We took photos with David's family yesterday. Something we never found time to do when Amanda was here in April. :(

They turned out pretty good considering it was really overcast.

Dawn and the granddaughters

The Gang

Dawn and Jannene

Pumpkin seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds..... Yum!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween has never really been celebrated in Australia but is finally becoming more popular now. Nothing like in the US but nonetheless more popular.  For instance, last year I had to go to a speciality beauty store to get black hair spray and we could not find pumpkins anywhere. It was the girls first Halloween that we did not carve pumpkins. :( This year however, the local supermarket has Halloween candy, some decoration, a few costumes and even pumpkins! Only about 30 to choose from and very expensive, but at least we got one. They are sold by the kg so I had the girls weight a few and then I made the choice. 
 Allie carved it all by herself while David worked on the deck and Emily "relaxed" before work (her way of saying she is finally too old for pumpkin carving). It was worth every penny of the $12 the pumpkin cost. Look how cute it turned out!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day with the girls

Yesterday was my last day of vacation so the girls and I went bowling.

We had a lot of fun being silly and cheering each other on. It had been a while since we last bowled and none of us remembered how challenging it actually is. We got our fair share of gutter balls! Well Emily and I did, Allie used lane bumpers!!! 😃

Friday, September 28, 2012

Reno job #1

David took some time off this week to start renovations on the area around the pool. Allie is on school holidays and so she has been able to help with some of the work. 

Like father, like daughter!

Busting the stone pillar from the old fence was more work that expected. 

Just in time for summer, we will have a lot more space to entertain once the new deck is finished. I am sure David will he happy to kick back and have a cold one once all the hard work is done. Keep watching for photos of the final results.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

On bloom

I noticed last week that the lime tree I got for my birthday had a lot of white blooms on it.... Well today I noticed that some have actually turned into little lines. Yea! Can't wait to make a key lime pie and cut one for a cd beer!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Off to do good...

Today Emily left for Vanuatu on a mission trip with her school. She worked hard for the last 10 months to pay the $2000 airfare all on her own. It won't be fun all games for her though - She will be working hard teaching English & Math to the kids of the small village her school has adopted while other kids in the group build a classroom and furniture.

She and her best friend Natalee are both going and will be sharing a room. 

Aren't they cute?

The FLAT kids in "Tour 2"

You can follow the group this week on the FLAT Blog:   http://flatvanuatu.wordpress.com/

I hope she has a great time - I am so proud of her and her hard work!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Allie turns 12

We had a birthday celebration with David's family on Allie's actual birthday. Everyone came over for burgers, chips and home-made cheesecake.

Allie and her cousins - Ashlee, Abby & Georgia 

Very happy girl - She just opened her gym membership. Now she can workout with David!
Her reaction to getting her horse camp!

 This was the first time Allie's birthday fell during school and not over summer vacation so she was super excited. We had a sleep over and all of the 9 girls she invited actually got to come!

Emily made Allie's cake - She did a wonderful job of her first time decorating!